Brenys Zed

Big Z is a Human Rogue of Sharn. Always looking for the next big heist. Not for the treasure, but fame is the real prize.


Brenys has spent most of his life in Sharn except when he needed to avoid some heat. He comes from a long line of petty criminals, thieves, catburglars and cutpurses. Most evening spent travelling the roofs and bridges high above the common folk.

But Big Z quickly became about more then the money. He loved the thrill. He loved showing off. When he could get some place his father couldn’t reach, or up a building faster then his mother, he really got a rush. He went for well guarded works of art, just so his name was connected with the heist. He started breaking-in while people were home. And that got him pushed out a window.

He awoke in a Cathedral dedicated to Olladra. He had died. Dead. Not alive. But as luck would have it, and luck would become a huge part of his life after that, he landed at the feet of a new acolyte of The Sovereign Host. A young lass who had actually just finished her studies of the Raise Dead Ritual.

Big Z spent some time recovering in the church, trying to pay back the life-giving gift he had been given. A romantic relationship started between the two of them, but in the middle of the night, Brenys’ family showed up and off they went, in trouble for some robbery gone wrong. When he returned 2 months later, once the heat was off, she was gone, sent off to attend at the front lines of the war.

But Big Z felt he still owed the church, and secretly hoped she would return, so he enrolled and has spent the past few years in the service of the Sovereign Host. But he had to pay for his classes somehow, so his “acrobatic” skills have not left him. He hopes to spread the word of Olladra, by showing the virtues of Luck and what one can gain when one takes a risk.

Brenys Zed

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