Fie Desidera

A former noble courtesan, Fie has been ostracized from the life she knew, and is just about ready for another.




Fie (rhymes with “die”, as in what you’ll do if you pronounce it wrong) is a former mover and shaker in the royal court. She’d gotten to her high position through sheer force of will, and the fighting was often vicious, so she’s picked up some tricks and used them to good effect. But her courtly back-biting has finally bitten her back. She’s been ostracized from her place in the royal court, and, having nothing to fall back on, had to run for her life. She’s gone to ground in a small town, licking her wounds and trying to figure out what to do next.

She’s found a comfortable inn and has been staying there for a couple weeks while she waits for the trouble to blow over. She’s resilient though, and isn’t wallowing in her defeat. She’s fitting surprisingly well into the local society (although it’s hard to get excited about pigs) and she’s got her eye out for the next big thing to which she can hook her wagon. So to speak.

When you first meet her, though, you know nothing of this. All you see is a woman who, while reserved and unassuming, has a knowing eye and is alert for anything interesting that might be going down. You also get the feeling that angering her would be a mistake. She’s just got that look about her. Like she could break your leg with the arch of an eyebrow.

Fie Desidera

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