A Changed Time

The last four years

Over the past four years our little group has formed a tight adventuring crew. After slaying our first member of the Emerald Claw at the tower, discovering the piece of the Draconic Prophecy and surviving the creation of the Mournlands, you’re bound to bond.

There was the time that we were hired to rid that tavern of it’s giant rats only to find out it was actually a group of ratling shapechangers trying to start their own thieves guild. Fie had gotten bit and worried all night that she was going to change shape into a rabid rat. A small poultice applied by myself and a good night’s sleep took care of things, but she still has that small scar on her shin.

And then there was that incident started by Halstrom. I know he was just trying to light that lantern, while blindfolded, but it took us 3 months of saving to rebuild that barn. He’s a little too cocky but he’s great for a laugh and can always bring in a few coins when we’re running short.

And who can forget when Yemmil lost his hat over the edge of that crevasse. It took me 3 and a half hours to climb down and back just to retrieve it. You would think a wizard would have some way to magically summon his hat back onto his own head. I guess I didn’t really mind. I mean, I did steal his hat way back before we became the an adventuring group, so I guess it was restitution, kinda. But still can’t that little summoned servant of his help out a bit more?

Of course, we wouldn’t be where we are today if it wasn’t for AJ’s dealings with the city guard. All those incidents that they were too busy for. Or too scared to take on. Or too lazy to investigate. He has a way with getting us a job here and there when needed.

So we’ve done our best since the war. Trying to improve our lives and those of others, and at the same time, we’ve tried to understand the prophecy and how we relate to it and to Eberron around us.



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