Yemmil Freem

A Summoning wizard who's curious about what's hiding in the dark.


When his village was destroyed by the [[Dreaming Dark]], Yemmil escaped with a few other youths and they eventually ended up in [[Sharn]]. While trying to find a place to stay, Yemmil’s cousin [[Hakkrig]] broke into a building that looked abandoned. Inside they found a wizard’s study, but no wizard. The most notable thing was a book of summoning and wizard’s robes and boots inside a broken circle of sand and the remains of wax candles that had burnt down to small splotches of dried black wax.

Only Yemmil took interest in the books and began to learn the ways of the wizard and studied the books while the other [[Kalashtar]] got jobs and learned other trades while they made the wizard’s home their own. Yemmil did not stay only a bookworm. Just like the others he took to the streets to buy (or otherwise procure) food and other supplies until they were able to support themselves more properly.

As Yemmil poured over the wizard’s books and notes, he gained much knowledge of the magic arts. He deduced that the wizard tried to summon a dangerous creature, [[Ceyboread Keout]], and he failed the ritual and was removed from this world by the creature. This did not serve as much as a warning as piqued his interest into the darker corners of reality.

After several years, the city did an audit and discovered that the wizard, who was known as a recluse, was no longer present and his house was inhabited by squatters, Yemmil and his companions. They were asked to leave the house but were promised to have help it finding new lodgings. The official notice stated they could not remove anything that was present when they had moved it, but Yemmil moved the books into a back room and when the inspectors arrived, they warned that no one went in the room, for it was cursed. When they entered anyways, Yemmil caused one of the inspector’s greatest nightmares to manifest and scare them away. He then removed the books to a safe location before they returned.

A City official was sure that the books had been taken or hid by the Kalashtar youths and forced them out of the city under watch, their possessions searched, but Yemmil had already hid the books outside the city. Most had deep roots in the city and sneaked back in under different names, but Yemmil had not settled in with the city, only the books, so he moved on, sure the official would not rest until the books were found, he moved on to explore the world.

Yemmil Freem

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