• Brenys Zed

    Brenys Zed

    Big Z is a Human Rogue of Sharn. Always looking for the next big heist. Not for the treasure, but fame is the real prize.
  • Fie Desidera

    Fie Desidera

    A former noble courtesan, Fie has been ostracized from the life she knew, and is just about ready for another.
  • Halstrom Gwardon

    Halstrom Gwardon

    Halstrom Gwardon sorcerer extraordinaire, Master of the lighting shard of Ruradon. Tamer of the acidic beast of Merzod, and keeper of the secret art of the Dragon tongue.
  • Yemmil Freem

    Yemmil Freem

    A Summoning wizard who's curious about what's hiding in the dark.